Indeed, you go so far as to regard what is “mental” as identical with what is “conscious” – that is, with what is known to you – in spite of the most obvious evidence that a great deal more must constantly be going on in your mind than can be known to your consciousness. Come, let yourself be taught something on this one point! […] Turn your eyes inward, look into your own depths, learn first to know yourself! Then you will understand why you were bound to fall ill; and perhaps you will avoid falling ill in the future.

Sigmund Freud



Faced with the perception of the need to discuss mental disorders caused by modern life, I realized a lack of specialists in these areas of expertise. Therefore, I’ve taken extension courses focused on suicidal problems, sexuality and gender violence.

I work with adults and the elderly, trying to help them detect and correct their anguish, doubts and conflicts, in order to improve their quality of life.

"Psychological care for adults and the elderly."

Clinical Psychologist - Adriana C. Tufanetto


Individual psychological care for adults and the elderly.
Aiming to respect each and every person personality and individuality, treating each case and unique. In addition, que also offer sessions in English and Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS), contributing with the diversity of the care provided.
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